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Renowned fashion designer L’Wren Scott once said,  “I believe in stopping work and eating lunch.” Very sound advice. An empty stomach won’t raise your blood sugar and concentration levels nor will it give you the extra boost of energy you need to get through the rest of the afternoon.. I vividly remember when I was in grade school, around the fourth period, staring up at the clock hanging on the wall; focused on the second hand, rolling upwards to the number 12. As the seconds counted down, the gnawing pang of hunger, and the special something I felt realizing I was about to discover the delicious contents inside my lunchbox stormed my thoughts. My mom always packed a fantastic lunch for me. Those lunches were the stuff of legend, and no doubt, the level of quality made the other kids always want to barter with me.
When the lunch bell rang, after Science class, I’d dash out of the classroom, run to my locker, grab my Spiderman lunch box, race to the cafeteria to post up, and wait for my friends. As I pried back the lid of my metal lunch box, I’d find one of my favorite sandwiches, stacked with layers of sliced deli meats, cheeses, crunchy lettuce and vine-ripened tomato, wrapped in wax paper, like a Christmas gift! Every day, each sandwich contained a message, tucked just under the flaps of the wax paper. A hand-written note: “Be Yourself, Everyone else is already taken,” or “If you dream big you can do it.” Accompanying those beautiful words of inspiration, by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Disney, a ripe brightly colored piece of fruit, crunchy veggies and dips and of course, several of my mom’s homemade fresh baked delights for dessert. Her desserts were the bargaining chips to trade lunch items with my friends. I never caved in. A satisfying lunch gave me energy for recess and staying awake during math class. 

The innocent third grade satisfaction of stopping my lessons and eating lunch, opening my lunch box and discovering such wonderful edible treasures, only lives in my memory now. Today’s lunches look completely different. My hectic schedule and work responsibilities, my insane drive to accomplish more tasks, and take less breaks, and force myself to pull completely away from my workstation, keep me from enjoying a midday meal. My days are filled with productivity. Around noon, when my stomach growls, subtly reminding me to refuel, and signaling me to stop what I’m working on and eat my lunch, I end fighting the urge to eat and choose instead to power through until dinner. L’Wren Scott would be disappointed.

Maybe you’re like me, and lunch is nothing more than a passing fancy, and consumes too much time. Especially as we’re all learning to adjust to a global pandemic. We’re simultaneously navigating our work life while we maintain our homelife.

Look, it’s inevitable as we continue to work from home, each new day, we’re finding different ways to balance the rush to meet deadlines, squeeze in one last mid-morning Zoom meeting, keep up with the laundry, dust and vacuum, stop to solve math problems or read a book report being thrust in our face. We’re readjusting every single day. Walking the dog, folding the laundry, watering the plants, finding creative distractions for our children, and staving off the urge to re-organize the pantry, alphabetically for the umpteenth time. And all the while we’re continuing to keep up with work, or for many, the prospects of looking for a new job. Making sure we find time for self-care and that our families and loved ones are safe and staying healthy is a job in itself. Skipping a nutritious lunch is going to happen in the midst of this unprecedented isolation. If lunch these days is difficult to organize because you’re repeatedly opting for the crusts you cut off the kid’s sandwiches, and the crumbs from a bag of chips, or another slice of yesterday’s cold pizza to tide you over until dinner, let’s rethink lunch. Before COVID-19, if you took time in the morning to pack lunches and a few tasty snacks for yourself, and for your kids, for work and school, because fast food and vending machine convenience wasn’t in your nutritional wheelhouse, here is a great option to get lunch back into the noon hour while we abide by Stay Home, Save Lives. Consider switching from a diet of sandwich crusts and chip dust and order an enticing box lunch for delivery from Office First Catering.

Box lunch delivery is more popular than ever. Our lifestyles have drastically changed as we’ve started to adapt to new ways of isolating as the new normal. Behaviors we associated with “eating out” have been drastically modified. More and more, COVID-19 has taught us to search for a more refined work/life balance, and adapt our eating habits, while continuing to support local businesses. Having our favorite meals and comfort foods delivered, or ordering take out for pick up, helps us stop the flow of responsibilities and regain some vitally important time together with our family.

Bringing yourself and your loved ones to the table, and eating lunch together, serves as a positive reinforcement and strengthens the ties of your family bond. Interrupt a hectic or humdrum afternoon, and have some joy delivered. Incorporate a special box lunch delivery into your daily meal routine that everyone in the family can look forward to! Start a tradition while supporting a local Louisville business.

If shopping and preparing meals is taking up too much time; if you need a reprieve once in a while, Office First Catering can help you decrease some of that stress by providing you some “you” time or to unwind for a spell with your partner or spouse, your kids or the dog. Take a break, sit together at the table, eat lunch with your family, away from the electronic distractions. Go online and order a catered box lunch delivery from Office First Catering. A pause in your day will lessen some of the insanity swirling about the house, offer yourself a little well-deserved relaxation, and improve your quality of life.
If you’ve got the lunchtime blues, look no further than Office First Catering for some assistance, with a delivery. Get out of the kitchen and stop deconstructing sandwiches or leaning over a hot stove! Let Office First Catering take some pressure off the meal planning. Office First Catering’s box lunches are made-to-order, and combine an excellent combination of traditional favorites and quality, nutritional ingredients; prepared and packaged individually, ready for pick up or delivered straight to your door. A touchless delivery option is available on request.

Office First Catering offers box lunch menu options which will surprise and delight your entire family! In the mood for a carefree lunch adventure? How about an indoor picnic? Open the window, and let the breeze flow and the sunshine in! Throw a blanket and some pillows on the floor, and put on your favorite summertime playlist. Office First Catering’s Picnic Box Lunch conjures sweet memories of a trip to your favorite deli, and lets your family mix-and-match their favorite, classic selections.

Individually packed Picnic Box Lunch includes: Choice of Boar’s Head premium deli meats, Tavern Ham, or Premium Turkey on white bread, with lettuce, tomato, swiss or cheddar cheese, fresh fruit salad, chips, and a chocolate chip cookie or brownie.

Take out, and Asian food, go hand-in-hand. Office First Catering offers this beloved classic that will have you wanting more! If a hot lunch is more your thing, Office First Catering makes a mouthwatering Japanese Bento Lunch Box that is out-of-this world delicious. Their amazing Japanese Bento Box selection, transports you straight to your favorite Asian-inspired restaurant, and takes the box lunch delivery category to an exciting whole new level.

The variety of Asian inspired foods individually packed in this box lunch contains your choice of Teriyaki chicken or Sesame chicken, fried dumplings, Asian slaw and rice.

Go ahead and admire yourself and feel a burst of well-deserved pride. Pat yourself on the back for deciding to hold down the house and multitask during this exceptionally challenging time. But eating your lunch at your makeshift desk, while filling in all those complicated spreadsheets, fielding a few phone calls, keeping your children from guest-starring in your video conferences, squeezing in all the chores, feeling boxed in from the confines of home, and constantly helping your kids with that pesky long division? Stop work. Eat Lunch.

Create some “stop” time and a well-deserved break. Close your apps, pull away from the technology, turn off the television, and sit down and focus on eating your lunch. Stare out the window and watch nature, or just fine tune yourself to listen to the birdsong. Park yourself in the shade of a tree in the backyard. Come together at the table. An article written in US News and World Report found “a positive relationship between the number of family meals per week [and] the more family meals [eaten] per week was associated with better family functioning, including connectedness, cohesion and communication.” So, when the second hand on the clock reaches noon, to Office First Catering, sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring, because  your freshly prepared box lunch delivery is on the way!

Life on the “outside” has our global community conforming to social distancing guidelines, wearing masks, vigilantly washing our hands, reconfiguring how to acquire our essential needs, to abruptly shifting schedules, as families work to accommodate one another in the confines of a housebound lifestyle. Creating time to enjoy a special meal is a moment that the entire family can look forward to; pause from the constant uncertainty, and take L’wren Scott’s advice. Stop working and eat lunch. Order your delicious box lunch delivery from Office First Catering. The temporary distraction will change your mindset, let you focus on you and those you care about most and nourish your mind and body. Enjoy!

Office First Catering box lunches are great for dinner too!

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