Catering delivery
Catering Delivery

Catering delivery

Before the online convenience and delivery-on-demand craze saturated today’s catering delivery market, there was the time-honored milkman. The American milkman originally arrived on the scene in 1857, with a horse-drawn carriage. As the popularity of milk delivery flourished, the horse carts became rounded, snub-nosed refrigerated trucks. The iconic milkman, pressed and starched; showed up complete with hat and bowtie. The daily delivery from the man in the glowing white uniform included fresh milk, eggs and butter. The empty bottles and payments for the delivery were left for pick up. The phenomenon of milk delivery spurred 30% of American homes in the 1960s to utilize the milkman as their main source for dairy delivery.

The first Post Office, in Boston, began delivering in 1639. It was also a pub that served “strong water.” Today, the Postal Service delivers 20.2 pieces of mail per hour, and each day accounts for the delivery of mail and packages to 4,070 new homes.  

It’s your first day in one of those new homes. After hours driving, and pointing and instructing the movers which boxes go where, it’s late, nothing is unpacked and the kids are hungry. No time for a grocery stop along the way. Exhaustion from a long day of moving requires only one thing: a pizza delivery!  

FUN FACT: In 1889, bored with the traditional royal cuisine served in the castle, King Umberto and Queen Margherita, called upon the most famous pizza chef in all of Naples, Italy. The pie, trussed up like the Italian flag, was adorned with fresh red tomatoes, bright green basil and fresh white mozzarella.

Gone are the days of the milkman, but a few days in the new home pass, and in the midst of unwrapping the china and helping the kids find their favorite stuffed animal the doorbell rings. A neighbor has arrived to surprise and delight; introduce themselves, and welcome you to the neighborhood and deliver a scrumptious casserole.

Catering Delivery
Catering Delivery OFC
Catering Delivery
Catering Delivery OFC

Delivery: More Vital than Ever Before

Food and delivery are practically synonymous. It is estimated that in 2020, 44 million consumers are using a cell phone or online app to order groceries and dishes from favorite restaurants. COVID-19 has drastically changed those statistics. Food and grocery delivery service has surged 98%-210% since shelter-in-place orders began sweeping the nation. Now more than ever, in these sensitive and volatile times, food delivery is helping communities in the quest to flatten the curve. Office First Catering is helping with those curve-flattening goals by getting delicious food on the table. The choices from Office First Catering delivery are flavorful and abundant. The prepared meals from the Office First Catering menu are exactly the kinds of dining experiences family’s need right now. 

For starters, and for those that love to cook, Office First Catering is featuring a Grocery Box, filled with the classic staples. Ground beef, chicken breast, hamburger patties, rice, and fresh vegetables. Stock up on these essentials and gather the family together in the kitchen to share in the experience of making something amazing together!
FUN FACT: Including children in the reading of recipes; the measuring, preparing, and cooking of meals, together with their parents, encourages, reading, math and for many, an introduction and understanding of generational and cultural ingredients and cooking techniques.

If time management and meal planning isn’t in the cards right now, consider delivery. Office First Catering has done all of the work to get freshly prepared meals delivered to homes. There is a lot to do right now during this time of isolation and social distancing. Parents are working, and the kids are being home-schooled. Chores still need to get done, and everybody in the household is processing this new way of living. At the end of the day, when it’s time to gather around the table, participate as a family; get the table set and let Office First Catering provide a warm, nutritious home-cooked meal.

From Chicken Fajitas to Meatballs and Spaghetti; a memorable 5-layer Lasagna, Teriyaki Chicken and Rice to Korean BBQ, OH, and don’t forget about the Tacos and all the fixings! Tuesday can take a back seat. Office First Catering makes every night Taco Night! Seasoned ground beef served with lettuce, cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream, and taco sauce. Accompanied with hard taco shells and flour tortillas, a garden salad with cucumbers and peppers, ranch dressing and Italian dressing. The Taco Meal Package also comes with your choice of brownies or cookies, and a two liter of Pepsi or iced tea. #tacos

For all Meal Packages, Office First Catering makes sure the delivery is complete with side dishes, garlic bread, a choice of beverage and dessert!
FUN FACT: The first known advertisement for “Taco Tuesday” was featured in the classified section of a 1933 El-Paso Herald-Post newspaper. The White Star Cafeteria ran a week long campaign letting the city know that for 15 cents, on Tuesdays, they offered 2 tacos.

For Thanksgiving, the remarkable roasted turkey is the centerpiece of the buffet. When Easter arrives in the spring, the family comes together to enjoy a traditional glazed spiral cut ham. Office First catering is helping families in the greater Louisville area, celebrate this special holiday, by offering an Easter dinner feast. Each Easter Sunday Package comes delivered with a 10lb. glazed spiral cut ham, garden salad, dinner rolls, a choice of 3 sides, a gallon of iced tea and brownies for dessert.  This exclusive holiday meal, feeds 4-6 people, and is being offered for a limited time.

It’s unfortunate that families will not have the luxury of spending time together around the table; laughing and eating and celebrating Easter, however, one new idea is becoming wildly popular during self-isolation: the virtual dinner party. Download one of many available free video apps, send an email to the guests, put “dinner time” on the calendar, and within a few clicks, on Easter Sunday, or any day of the week, the whole family is joined together, sharing what they’re enjoying for dinner. Share the bounty of an Office First Catering, Dinner Meal Package, virtually with friends and loved ones. Let technology make the connection, and keep family traditions alive. Say a virtual prayer, and hold glasses high in the air for a toast! Even though everyone isn’t in the same room, the most important fact is everyone is together.

Deliver on a Promise

 During these confusing times, families big and small are transitioning back to meal planning. A well-balanced meal makes all the difference. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, no meal is off limits with Office First Catering. Available to deliver family-style meals six days a week, including weekends and evenings by request. Ask about no-contact delivery service, or make a note that you would prefer this type of delivery in the Add Special Instructions on the order form during check-out. If you’d like to be notified when the meals have been left at your front door, or location of your choosing, make sure to leave contact information for the delivery person.

  The Great Depression has been described as being a moment in history that exposed Americans to “the best and worst of times.” Families faced challenges like they’d never faced before; but they persevered, learning life-long survival tactics. Generations later, the wisdom and the hardwon lessons, and the struggle to deliver food to the table, have provided the children and grandchildren, who suffered in a time of unfathomable hardship the strength of frugality that “people could still find ways to encourage others with delivering words of blessing or unexpected help.” As a society continues to grapple with the unprecedented and unexpected influence of COVID-19, home meal deliveries are as essential to a family’s well being as they are vital to the community’s overall safety. Office First Catering is proudly helping deliver on a promise to do both. Tonight, have dinner delivered* by Office First Catering.   

  Office First Catering, Catering Delivery Service:  

  Address: 141 North Spring St. Louisville, Kentucky 40206  

  Hours of Operation and Catering Delivery: Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 4:00 pm  

  Phone: 502.749.0948  


  Facebook: Office First Catering

Catering delivery
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