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On The Menu!

When was the last time you thought about planning a special menu, and sending invitations for a dinner party at your home? Months ago, right? Last summer, maybe? We’re all missing out on celebrating special occasions; seated around a table, on a themed and decorated garden patio, or around the picnic table. On a night boasting exquisite weather. Dressed casually, feeling elegant, and in perfect company with our close friends and family. Excited to hear and share stories. Make a toast. Enjoy the delicious mixtures and layers of flavor, of a meal you didn’t have to prepare.

Thing is, all the fuss and hassle of planning a party includes doing all the shopping, all the prepping, cleaning the house top to bottom, and making sure there is enough dinnerware and glassware plus extra tables and chairs. Sometimes knowing what quantities of food and sundries to buy are overwhelming. It can simply take the joy out of having the party. So, what’s an easier way to do less and have the ideal party or special event? You call a catering company, like Office First Catering in Louisville.

Celebrating & Catering!

If you’re planning on celebrating an upcoming wedding, birthday, retirement, graduation or need to celebrate “just because,” and you’ve been anxiously waiting and counting the days and you’re ready to have a catered dinner party or special event, it can happen! Stop, right now, and write Office First Catering and their phone number, 502-749-0948, on your calendar. Great ! You’ve taken the first step. When you’re ready to talk about your event, call Office First Catering or check them out online!

Don’t worry, even though the normal glory days of throwing parties and special events seem long on the time horizon, right now we have to accept the fact that celebrations and gatherings may never be the same again. However, catering isn’t completely off the table. Office First Catering will be there to help you every step of the way and make sure the food you select for your special occasion is absolutely perfect, memorable and delicious!

A Night Out (in the backyard)

We’re guessing that if you’re ready for a night out, in the backyard, under the stars, a fancy soiree around the dining room table, or a mid-afternoon barbecue pool party, whatever the occasion, then you’re ready to tick the box and let Office First Catering take the food portion of your upcoming or spontaneous special event. The vast selection of menu items from Office First Catering will allow you to mix and match or choose an entire meal

All of us are missing the times we enjoyed celebrating with family and friends. As counties and states begin the daunting process of re-opening and enforcing new health regulations and guidelines, restaurants that cater in Louisville may not have the manpower to prepare large catered meals, deliver and set up, and offer optional tableware. Catering companies, on the other hand, are able to offer inclusive packages, with large quantities of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Office First Catering can accept the challenge!

Relax, Let the Pros Do the Work

With all due respect to staying at home and staying safe, for many of us, cooking has become a full time job as we continue to write out grocery lists and sit down to figure out the meal planning. Who does the shopping one week, who does the cooking the next. Are you doing both?

As the summer approaches, aren’t you ready to let somebody else take over the cooking responsibilities so you can relax and entertain? Or maybe have a few family dinners catered? Especially if you have a larger family – you need a break! It’s time to pull the cover off of the pool, line up the patio chairs, crank up the umbrella, put on some chill beats, and soak up some sunshine during these long lazy afternoons!

Back of the House

Let’s get a better understanding of the types of service restaurants that offer to cater and stand alone catering companies offer. We’re going to break down the similarities and differences that set a catering company apart. You’ll see why Office First Catering will be your best bet when you’re ready to start the planning process.
  • Office First Catering offers a diverse catering menu. Prices are flat rate and based on the quantity of guests. Simply choose from 3 custom menu tiers and you’re all set. Included in the catering menu tiers are a vast array of lighter fare; platters of assorted Deli Wraps and Sandwiches, some recognizable favorites, including Teriyaki Chicken and Beef Pot Roast, and many unmistakably exclusive must-try selections like the Steak Churrasco and Caribbean Chicken. There are so many choices you can’t go wrong! Have special requests? Talk to the Office First Catering specialists.


  • Restaurants that cater in Louisville often switch up their menu selections seasonally. This seasonal menu niche can limit your ability to ask for a favorite menu item. If you simply must have the to-die-for chicken piccata and it isn’t currently available, this request can cost you more per person. And that’s if the chef is willing to prepare it for you. If the ingredients aren’t on hand, the restaurant has to source the food items specifically for your event and may possibly have to add extra staffing in the kitchen to execute the order. Any additional costs can be passed along in your catering contract.
  • Office First Catering is accustomed to buying, receiving, prepping and preparing in larger volumes. The catering kitchen area is large enough to prepare many of the menu items you’ve selected simultaneously. Not only does Office First Catering order and prepare the exact amount of food based on your guest count and budget; they make the process easy as one, two, three. Just follow the simple steps and you are on your way. Delivery** for catered events is a flat rate.
  • BONUS: Catering companies can guarantee same-day freshness, as most of your menu selections are prepared the day of your event.
  • Restaurants that cater in Louisville typically have smaller kitchens, and tighter, ill-equipped spaces. This places limits on the amount of food the restaurant can prepare at any given time. With a busy kitchen to run and limited space, your catering may be prepared 24 hours in advance and stored in a refrigerator until you come to pick it up. The focus for the restaurant is to prepare food for their customers first, special events, second. And delivery options with restaurants are rare. When a restaurant does deliver, as an option, it’s costly.
  • Office First Catering not only offers delivery, they also make sure to bring all the proper serving pieces; like chafing dishes, salad bowls and serving utensils. Don’t want the hassle of using your china and glassware? Have the plastic tableware, forks, knives, spoons and cups, and coffee service delivered too! Office First Catering delivers, sets up, makes sure every bowl and warmer has utensils, then comes back at a designated time, wraps up your leftovers, and cleans up so you don’t have all that end-of-the-party stuff to do.
  • Restaurants that cater in Louisville are a different story. They may ask you to rent what items you need to serve the food and/or purchase all the plastic tableware yourself. If the restaurant does deliver, it may just be dropped off. Leaving you to do the rest. Past ringing the doorbell and bringing the food into your kitchen it may be up to you to set up, keep the food warm or find room in the fridge.
  • Start Planning!

    Here comes summer! Then the fall, and before we know it the holidays are upon us. Summer is the ultimate dinner party weather. The holidays should be a time for you to enjoy family, not be hiding behind the scenes in the kitchen. It’s not too early to start planning your summer soiree, holiday or dinner party, and choose Office First Catering over a restaurant that caters. Remember, restaurants are very limited in the types of all-inclusive catering service they can provide.

    As COVID-19 continues to challenge us, many restaurants are only able to take orders, offer drop off or contactless delivery service through a third-party app. You’re limited to the restaurant’s regular menu selections. Many restaurants that cater also have limited operating hours. Often, you’ll discover that the most popular items are not available to order in large quantities or they’re completely sold out. Office First Catering is available Monday through Friday 6:00am – 4:00pm, and available to place an order 24 hours a day via email.


    Restaurants that cater in Louisville

    Restaurants that cater in Louisville may not be offering catering services at this time. Office First Catering is currently providing top-notch office and family catering for the team, corporate event or special occasion at home. The aim is to delight you, by taking your expectations and smashing them out of the park.

    We are all long overdue for a celebration. Plan your next celebration or summer holiday as a catered affair. The whole cooped up indoors thing has many of us straying into the backyard, or the balcony, anyway. While you’re out there, envision your next catered event. Imagine the guests you’ll invite, and think about what type of food you want to serve. What will the theme be, or who and what milestone are you celebrating? Call Office First Catering. Let us know you’re interested in our catering services for your next special event. Office First Catering is providing top-notch office and family catering. We’re waiting!

    Office First Catering encourages you to please follow current Healthy at Home orders, and to check the Louisville city website for further information.

    * Custom wedding package prices vary depending on the items. Catering Tier menu options on our website are priced according to 50, 100 and 150 guests.

    We are happy to substitute individual orders for dietary needs: vegan, veg, gluten-free, allergies. Please submit your request in the comment box when ordering or call us ✆ 502.749.0948

    **$5-30 Delivery fee applies to weekday delivery orders.