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Catering – Find Some Comfort

We turn to food as a way of comforting ourselves and the people we love.. Especially during difficult challenges, notable life-events and in times of crisis. The sheer power of a home-cooked meal strengthens family bonds and teaches children about good nutrition. In time of need, food can bring communities together to share their unique cultural dishes, and foster a desperately needed sense of belonging. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be just one day a year.

The uncertainty of the coronavirus has forced many food-based businesses to shutter their doors for the time being. In response, restaurants and food cart owners have rallied by offering delicious, freshly prepared grocery boxes and family-style meals. These offerings are safely made-to-order, with options including delivered to the home, no-contact delivery and available for pickup.

Now, more than ever, families and communities are looking for safe and healthy, food shopping, prepared meals and dining alternatives, during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Nutrition and a regular source of daily healthy foods is important as families and cities work together to understand the vital importance of cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing, being extra mindful of those who may be more vulnerable, and taking extra measures to ensure good health for all.  

To help lessen the impact COVID-19 will have on people’s lives over the next coming months, many food-based businesses are answering the call to the much needed alternative to dining out in Louisville. One of those businesses is Office First Catering. They’ve joined the ranks of many greater Louisville, KY business owners in support of   #TeamKentucky and #togetherKY. The driving force behind these promotions is to foster a sense of positivity, “spread good news,” and “show others how to model the right behavior,” as people start learning to live long-term alternative lifestyles.

As we pause and begin this phase of adjustment,  turning towards our lives from the comforts of home; family meal planning will become an increasingly more important part of the daily routine. Let Office First Catering ease some of the prepping and online grocery ordering, by providing your family with an easy way to order a twist on their top-notch catering service. Office First Catering is now serving fresh-packed Grocery Box Service pick up and delivery along with their scrumptious scratch-made entrees and sides. Simply log in, and order online!

Grocery Box

Grocery Box

Essential foods are crucial during this time of transition. Focus on your family and let Office First Catering pack up a hand picked box of the simple foods your family loves. Each Grocery Box includes the staple items you need to make quick meals: 2bs ground beef, 6 chicken breast, 6 hamburger patties, 2 lbs pasta, 1.5 lbs rice, 2 lbs carrots, 2 cucumbers, 2 red peppers, 5 lbs potatoes, 3 onions, 1 head romaine lettuce, 1 stalk celery.



Here are our suggestions for some super tasty 3 ingredient meals made from the Grocery Kit. Of course we also suggested some other ingredients, but you get the idea!

  • Perfect Chicken Stir-fry – Chicken, Bell Pepper and Rice (and done!)
  • Beef & Potato Skillet – like a classic mac and cheese, add the cheese!
  • Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps – add a kiss of peanut butter, sweet chili and soy sauces, and everybody wins!

Special Single Entree / Meal Package** selections

The Special Entree and Meal Package menu will update, so don’t forget to check back regularly. And it doesn’t stop there. Make sure to look over all of Office First Catering’s wonderful House Specialties; including the Carribean Chicken and Combo Fajitas, served with their unique homemade chips, a specialty salad, and a dessert basket baked with assorted cookies and brownies. The tasty choices are practically endless. Let a professional catering company with a passion for delicious food and attention to detail offer you all the options you need, to customize and make meals to your liking. Ask about breakfast too!


As our cities and communities, our families and friends continue to adjust to COVID-19, and what it means keeping healthy, balanced, nutritious meals is vital to our collective well being. If changes in your daily routine can’t include online meal shopping, preparing cooking and delivery, Office First Catering has all the bases covered. Simply reach out, place your order for a Grocery Box, filled with basic essentials, or treat yourself to a few dinner meal packages, and bring everyone around the table to focus on what is important right now: our safety, our health and our family.


From all of us at Office First Catering, take good care.


If you’re busy holding down the household and adjusting to working from home, ask Office First Catering to do the preparation and cooking and pick up the entrees and sides or have them delivered. Make sure to ask about Touchless Delivery if you’d like the meals delivered without any contact. Office First Catering is currently offering classic dinner favorites as an entree only or as a complete meal package.  



      Meat Lasagna: Homemade 5 layer goodness and garlic toast!

      MEAL Package: Also includes a tasty green salad* with dressing cookies or brownies and a choice of a 2-liter beverage.



      Penne Bolognese: A deeply browned meat sauce simmered with a kicked up vegetable medley. Garlic toast too and parmesan on the side!

      MEAL Package: Also includes a tasty green salad with dressing cookies or brownies and a choice of a 2-liter beverage.


      Spaghetti & Meatballs: It’s so good, it doesn’t need an introduction, plus garlic toast!

      MEAL Package: Also includes a tasty green salad with dressing cookies or brownies and a choice of a 2-liter beverage.


      Taco Kit: And it isn’t even Tuesday! Seasoned ground beef served with lettuce, cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream, and taco sauce. Would you  expect anything less?

      MEAL Package: Crunchy and Hard taco shells, a tasty green salad with dressing cookies or brownies and a choice of a 2-liter beverage.


      Teriyaki Chicken: Tender marinated grilled chicken glazed in a mouthwatering scratch-made teriyaki glaze. Finished off with fluffy white rice and wok-fried green beans.

      MEAL Package:  Asian salad with peppers and mandarin oranges and sesame ginger dressing, cookies or brownies and a 2-liter beverage.


* Ranch & Italian dressing served with the first 4 MEAL packages, 2-liter beverage selections include Pepsi or Iced Tea.

** If you have a substitution request, please make sure to add the special instructions prior to ordering. For additional information, go here.

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